We invest in companies with Innovation DNA in the early stages of development, we help turn innovation into value, and we sell our stake to anyone who makes the most sense for the next phase of the company. These companies need to have:

  • products/services developed with high added value, clear problem solvers, and economically relevant to their customers;
  • entrepreneurs with innovative journeys, who have always been dedicated to doing business by combining technology, research and development;
  • entry barriers based on in-depth knowledge, generally B2B. A unique value proposition, sustainable, and not easily copied; and with ongoing processes of innovation;
  • accelerated growth potential, through the contribution of expansionary capital, proper structuring, and best practices of professional management and governance standards.

We are partners, investors, managers and entrepreneurs. We use industry practices and have the soul of an artist’s studio, because for us, each investment is unique.

  • We invest with the freedom, responsibility and commitment of an independent third-party asset manager that works with a high degree of governance;
  • We use our expertise and continuous learning to investigate, analyze and build bold theses of investment based on entrepreneurial journeys of innovation;
  • We ask profound questions, validate the premises of the thesis together with the market, visit current and potential customers, seek the opinion of industry experts, not only in technology and innovation bust also in the market and business rules;
  • We submit the opportunity to Inseed’s internal approval bodies and those of its Funds, based on periodic meetings to evaluate, discuss and deliberate on our investment theses;
  • On a daily basis, we seek – together with the investees’ entrepreneurs, the best ways to equate issues relating to finance, commerce, human resources, operations, processes, and harmony of corporate relations. We call this “co-entrepreneurship” because we actively participate in the decisions, seeking what is best for the development of the business;
  • We bear in mind that every company has potential innovation and our investment mandate is for bold growth and accelerated expansion. We review the key issues and ask ourselves, at each moment, how to multiply each dollar invested to generate return for all;
  • We understand that the generation of value in nascent companies is a collective effort, developed in a well-structured and perseverant way with the entrepreneurs, by adding together the different visions, knowledge and experiences. This is why we cultivate long-term relationships based on trust and co-entrepreneurship;
  • We have the utmost care and transparency with the investor’s resources, seeking to protect them through diversification (technologies, markets, stages and geographies), and investment in tranches. And we seek to multiply capital through a process of active construction of value in the investees, which already gets under way in the period of prospecting opportunities.

Investing in innovation means transforming reality and multiplying results

  • We are well aware of global challenges. We are all responsible. How to equate the abundance of knowledge and financial resources with the restriction of finite natural resources and social imbalance? By endeavoring and investing in innovative companies.
  • We invest in innovation, because what generates wealth is the entrepreneurial spirit, a spirit that is capable of seeing and discerning a particular need and to move with all strength available toward filling that need with a real value proposition.
  • We invest in innovation because it spins the wheels of the real economy: savings and financial capital are invested in new business, new businesses meet the needs of companies and society and generate results, results generate performance and remunerate investors’ capital, maintaining a continuous cycle of investment, results and transformation of society.
  • We invest in innovation because start-up companies are more agile, and move more easily in pursuit of offers that involve value for money for relevant markets, with optimal opportunities for return on investment.
  • We invest in innovation because we were born of this world, we are passionate about its challenges, and we learn more each day. We achieve concrete and significant results with creation of wealth for investors, entrepreneurs and society.
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