Investing in innovation
We generate
value for
investees and investors

We are a resource management company focused on “early stage” innovation, with 15 years of experience in technology-based entrepreneurship.

We believe that entrepreneurship and innovation are levers for transforming realities and generating wealth for society. For INSEED, generating value is turning knowledge into business, through a structured process of joint construction.

We have a clear and consolidated Investment Philosophy, developed from a pioneering journey in the world of innovation and entrepreneurial capital.

We are present throughout Brazil, proactively contributing to the development of the nation’s diverse ecosystems of innovation.

We currently manage the following funds: Criatec, Criatec 3 and INSEED FIMA – all three created by BNDES.

Our numbers
million under management
investiments in the last 12 years
of growth per year since 2008
We act in a transparent and ethical way with stakeholders: shareholders, entrepreneurs, government and entities.

Our history is mingled with the history of technological innovation in Brazil. It is possible to realize that we have always been guided by the Entrepreneurial Spirit, Perseverance, Pursuit of Purpose, and by generating Impact in the World


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