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Year of investment: 2014
Location: Montauri/RS
Fund: FIMA

Development and production of laminated coatings based on recycled plastic (PET). The solution serves as an alternative (without loss of quality) to the use of PVC and virgin finish foil (which generate toxic byproducts), with ecological appeal. The company’s activity is concentrated mainly in the furniture and construction industries, through the sale of sheets, coils, and edge tape used to cover the surface of wood pieces, in particular MDF and MDP sheets, as a form of protection and decorative finishing. Responding to market demands, Lamiecco has successfully launched a line of self-adhesive coatings (“Fixa Fácil”). The company has a Technology Center, focused on developing new products and improving the existing portfolio. One of the drivers of this R&D team is increased weather resistance in existing product lines: this will increase the applicability of the product (e.g. outdoor environments) and enable entry into new segments.

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