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Year of investment: 2010
Location: Recife/PE

Escribo develops learning solutions, helping schools to implement innovative projects that arouse students’ interest and engagement. To meet the demand of Brazilian and international publishing companies, Escribo created Libro Studio, a company that provides a platform for the production and distribution of interactive books. The works distributed through the Libro app contain audio, video, games and a wide range of features to strengthen students’ learning. The Libro platform is the first one that meets all the accessibility requirements of Brazil’s Ministry of Education and, at the same time, protects the rights of authors and publishers.

Another company that emerged from Escribo – based on the music education tools that were developed – is Audio Alerta. The Audio Alerta security system allows users to monitor urban, residential and commercial environments. Listening to the sounds of the environment, the system issues alerts when something abnormal happens, classifying the event (e.g., collisions, gunshots, shouting, break-ins), indicating to the security operator the location where the sound came from.

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